Sabroe Compressor Spare Parts

Sabroe Compressor Spares

We are one of the renowned Manufactureres, Exporters, Suppliers, Dealers and Traders of after Market Sabroe Compressor Spare Parts. We offer replacement compressor spares like Pistons, Cylinder Liners, Crank Shafts, Connecting Rods, Oil Seals, Bearings, Bushes, Gudgeon Pins, Valves, Piston Rings, Reeds, Gasket, Oil Pumps, Pressure Gauges and many more. All our Spare Parts are fabricated using high-grade metal as per OEM standards to ensure excellent quality.


Type SMC ‚Äď 65: SMC-2-65, SMC-3-65, SMC-4-65, SMC-6-65, SMC-8-65, SMC-10-65, TSMC-8-65

Type ASMC ‚Äď 65: ASMC-2-65S, ASMC-3-65S, ASMC-4-65S, ASMC-6-65S,  SMC-8-65S, ASMC-2-65L, ASMC-3-65L, ASMC-4-65L, ASMC-6-65L, SMC-8-65L

SMC ‚Äď 100 Series : MK I , MK II , MK III , MK IV

Type S : SMC-4-100, SMC-6-100, SMC-8-100, SMC-104S, SMC-106S,  SMC-108S, SMC-112S, SMC-116S, TSMC-108S, TSMC-116S

Type L: SMC-104L, SMC-106L, SMC-108L, SMC-112L, SMC-116L, TSMC‚Äď108L, TSMC-116L

Type E :  SMC-104E, SMC-106E, SMC -108E, SMC-112E, SMC-116E,TSMC-108E, TSMC-116E

Type ASMC : ASMC-4-100S, ASMC-6-100S, ASMC-8-100S, ASMC-10-100S, ASMC-12-100S, ASMC-16-100S, TASMC-16-100S, ASMC-4 -100L, ASMC-6-100L, ASMC-8-100L, ASMC-12-100L, TASMC-16-100L

Type SMC 180 MK 1 : 4, 6, 8 CYLINDERS
Type SMC 188 MK II 4, 6, 8 CYLINDERS

CMO Series

MK I: CMO-14, CMO-16, CMO-18, T/CMO-18  

MK II: CMO-24, CMO-26, CMO-28 , T/CMO-28 Type CMO 

MK III : CMO-34, CMO-36, CMO-38, T/CMO-28 , T/CMO-38 Type CMO 

BFO / BF / SBO / PKO Series

Type BFO : BFO-2, BFO-3, BFO-4, BFO-5

Type BFK : BFK-2, BFK-3, BFK-4, BFK-5

Type BFM : BFM-2, BFM-3, BFM-4, BFM-5

Type PKO : PKO-12, PKO-14, PKO-16

Type SBO ‚Äď
 SB 021 / SB 022 / SB 041 / SB 042 / SB043