Danfoss Pressure Switches

Pressure Switch
Danfoss Pressure Switch
Danfoss Temperature Switch
Danfoss Temperature Switch

We are one of the renowned Exporters, Suppliers, Dealers and Traders of Refrigeration Controls and Valves. 

Differential Pressure Control /Differential Pressure Switches:


MP Pressure Switches : 

MP55, MP55A, 


KP Temperature Switches : 

KP 61


KP Pressure Switches : 

KP1A, KP5A, KP 35, KP 36, KPI 38, KPS 31, KPS 33, KPS 37, KPS 39, 

KPS 43, KPS 43, KPS 45, KPS 47, KP 79, KP 81, KP 69 

KP1 Auto

KP1 Manual

KP5 Auto

KP5 Manual

KP15 (LP-HP Auto)

KP15 (LP Auto-HP Manual)

KP15 (LP Manual-HP Manual) (LP Signal)

KP15 (LP Auto-HP Manual with both Signals)

KP15 (LP Auto-HP Auto with both Signals)

KP1A auto IP 44 

KP 5A manual IP 30 

KP15A auto/manual IP30



RT Pressure Switches:

RT 5 

RT 110 

RT 112

RT 113

RT 116

RT 117

RT 121

RT 200